Bird Watching

Hobby of studying wild birds in their natural environment

The jungle was a picture of stillness, with just the sound of slowdropping dew, and falling dry leaves. But within this peaceful landscape, where even now you could discern there must be birds, and lots of them.

Raveling here is no more expensive due to government royalties, but with restrictions being gradually lifted, it is now possible obtain permits to enjoy birding in these parts.

We are operating tours to the best sites in dhanulty and near by As more areas are explored, we will keep you updated.

Our tours are loaded with essential elements such as Well-researched Indian Birding stake-outs and Hassle Free Guided Birding across the country. Explore varied habitats of India’s Bird Sanctuaries, Tiger Reserves & the Himalayas with Asian Adventures.

There are excellent bird watching and trekking opportunities and guides can be provided on request.

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