Food & Music

Experience the Flavor

The Woodlogs multi-cuisine restaurant invites you to indulge in a range of dining experiences –curated by our master chefs to pacify your senses. We present delicious and authentic cuisines from Indian, Mughlai, Chinese, continental, and others, to make your dining experiences unforgettable.

The restaurant re-creates the English dining experience and offer you grandeur along with flavorsome cuisines. Whether you prefer snacking amidst nature or if you choose the comforts of home, we have all types of seating arrangements carved out for your mood.

The beautiful interiors and the classic wooden furniture are definitely going to spellbound you. It has a team of amazing chefs with them.

Thus, we have also local Pahari cuisine to allow for new flavours to make way through your gastronomic taste buds, while also giving you the comfort of traditional Indian and classical Continental cuisines.


chilled out vibes with groovy music

The chilled out vibes, groovy music and these happening places to let your hair down, makes our resort one of the best places to hangout in, especially over the weekend.

Whether it’s lively music for boisterous daytime celebrations or energy-packed-dance-anthems for night life revelry at our restaurant, your search for the best music for all your dining occasions ends here. Open DJ Dance floor is waiting for you assembled with Flashing lights and High volume Sound System .

Pamper yourself with the finest assortment of liquors that include an impressive range of mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages at Wood Logs. Add a soothing lull to your idea of kicking back and relax like never before. This Resto- Bar is a perfect place to enjoy yourself during your stay here.