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Dhanaulti is famous for its Natural beauty and Thrilling Adventure, this is a perfect family or group Outdoor destination. Indulge in a short and thrilling paragliding adventure where you fly like a bird over mountains and valleys in Dhanaulti near Mussoorie.

Recreational outdoor activities are undoubtedly a great source to revitalize your holiday vacation. And when it comes to the recreational adventure games in Dhanaulti, it becomes even more exciting and thrilling. The recreation activities in Dhanaulti are a collection of different Dhanaulti adventure games and popular things to do in Dhanaulti. It brings in an opportunity for adults and kids to have amusement, to learn, and to enjoy with family or friends. Get affordable Dhanaulti tour packages with paragliding activity only on our resort and enjoy you cozy and comfort stay in Dhanaulti.

The paragliding is an an assisted ride, where you ride harnessed to a experienced pilot on a glider, you sit harnessed in with the pilot, in a harness just below the fabric wing and ride the sky on back of the breeze.

This is a completely safe activity and we have not reported any accident for this activity. The ride is dependent on the weather, visibility and breeze are important to have a safe and fascinating ride. This is surely the most easiest way to taste the thrill and fun of free flight ! No training or experience required, no one is too young or old for it. Just sit with the pilot on a separate and comfortable seat and enjoy the fun. And yes, do bring your camera along, the world looks wonderful from the top.

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