River Creeking

Creeking is a branch of canoeing and kayaking that involves descending very steep low-volume whitewater. It is usually performed in specialized canoes and kayaks specifically designed to withstand the extreme whitewater environment in which the activity occurs. In addition, the canoes and kayaks give the paddler improved performance and maneuverability needed to avoid river obstacles.

River creeking in Uttarakhand is great. During warm season the most beautiful rivers are perfect for canoeing and kayaking in Uttarakhand. So when you plan a vacation by the sea, plan a day on the river. It will be your best. Maybe you will come to Uttarakhand seeking paradise. But as you creek on Uttarakhand rivers, you’ll find a whole lot more.

This river adventures need precaution and carefulness. Our Expert’s Instructions or experts themselves are always available to guide the adventurers on the dos and don’ts of this exciting adventure. This will be a relaxed holiday, but you do come prepared. You will be spending all day on the river, navigating the rapids and managing your kayak.